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For Canadian Worship Leader & Songwriter Brooke Nicholls, the last four years have felt like a whirlwind. From touring across Canada playing over 350 dates, to being named Female Vocalist of the Year by the Canadian Gospel Music Association not just once, but three times and having her new album nominated for a 2020 Juno Award - it’s been an incredible journey. But this didn’t come out of nowhere; like all good seemingly ‘overnight success’ stories, the truth is much longer and more storied.


Flash back to 2015; seven years into a pop music career, three independent records and countless missed successes under her belt, Brooke was left with nothing but disappointment. As she reflected on her career to that point, she began to understand that she was running from God; that He had dreams and a plan for her but for whatever reason she thought she knew better. She also began to understand that, to her surprise, throughout all the confusion and heartache God was guiding her each step of the way - and so she wrote.


What came out of that season was Brooke’s debut Worship & Inspirational album - ‘Found In You’ (rel. Dec 5, 2016). The songs on ‘Found In You’ were milestones of how God had been working in her life, bringing her through tough seasons and helping her find hope and healing. What she didn’t know was how those songs would connect. God began opening doors for Brooke to share her songs and in the year that followed the release of ‘Found In You’ Brooke was able to travel across Canada, opening for acts like MercyMe, NewSong, The City Harmonic, Love & The Outcome and Dan Bremnes, all culminating in Brooke being named the New Artist of the Year and the Female Vocalist of the Year at the Canadian Gospel Music Awards.


Now, as that chapter begins to close, Brooke is looking ahead to her new album ‘Pursue’. While ‘Found In You’ was a retrospective - a look back on God’s redemptive work in even her most broken situations – ‘Pursue’ is all about forward motion, into a season of unknown. Produced by David Leonard (All Sons & Daughters), the songs on ‘Pursue’ are a massive step forward for Brooke, both sonically and emotionally. Bold and confident, songs like ‘The Darkness Doesn’t Scare Me’ and the album’s title track ‘Pursue’ are anthems for Brooke - asserting that no matter where this next season of life takes her, she’ll be looking ahead and fixing her eyes on Jesus to guide her. The foundation of ‘Pursue’ is the underlying truth is that, in the same way God was faithful in guiding her in the past, she can rest assured that He will guide her in this next season too.


God has opened some exciting doors for Brooke & her music in the last few years, and while she hopes He continues to do so, she knows that nothing is guaranteed. Even so, looking ahead at the next season of life and not knowing where it will take her, she’ll simply continue to passionately pursue God's calling on her life and encourage others to do the same, and keep their eyes fixed on Jesus. 


Brooke currently serves as a Staff Worship Leader at Sanctus Church in Ajax, ON. She’s married to her guitar player Steve and together they live in the Toronto area.


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